• 8-12th November 2017

  • December 2017 (contact us for dates)

  • February 2018 (contact us for dates)

What you get: 

  • Yoga & mindfulness practices known to reduce stress, improve mental and physical health, and increase happiness: The mentally and physically balanced leader

  • Self-reflection exercises puts us in the role of a detective, hired to gain information about our cultural and personal background: The self-reflective Leader - insight into what drives and what limits us and others

  • Intuitive leadership is leading from the heart rather than leadership models. Our inner compass or our gut feeling is a stellar friend to us, once we practice listening. No leadership model can predict every scenario, however, when we can tap into our intuitive leadership, we are not limited by the situation.



  • Single room USD 950

  • Shared Double or Twin USD 1.450 (USD 725 per person)

What is included: 

  • 4 nights accommodation

  • 4 delicious breakfasts

  • 3 yoga classes

  • 3 mindfulness meditation sessions

  • 7 workshops in intuitive leadership Lead Heart First - each 1.5 hour

  • Intuitive leadership diary and worksheets

  • Relaxing massage treatment

To learn more about our retreat leader Charlotte Cato's credential, see her full profile here.

To reserve your spot or learn more send me an email cato@k2moves.com

Want to stay longer? Consider combining this retreat with one of Surya Kembar's privat retreat packages. 

Intuitive Leadership: Lead Heart First
Lead Heart First has designed a special program at Surya Kembar for leaders, who wish to deepen their intuitive leadership understanding. The Intuitive Leadership Program, approaches leadership with holistic personal and leadership development tools – including Yoga & Mindful Meditation, Self-reflection and Intuitive Leadership